DPS 1N-2N Electronic Weighing System

Electronic weighing system for large volumes and special products.

Electronic weighing systems for filling preformed bags or containers in general, with large volumes products or special products that cannot be managed with linear dosers with vibrating channels.

Weight is manged throug Siemens electronic, with synchronization weight control and belt/belts in feed speed.
Belts are controlled by inverter and their in feed speed is managed by the software.

Applications – grain products, pieces.  Coffee roasters, bakery, technical, pellet, chemical, agricoltural products.

Versions – according to product and required output, DPN serie is available in different configurations:
• 1 in feed belt
• 2 in feed belts -1 rough, 1 fine
• 1 weighing head
• 2 weighing heads

Automatic and semi automatic versions.

Automatic versions are supplied complete with floor independent support.

The system includes:
• transport belts (rough and fine) complete with PVC band and side guide to contain the product
• adjustable speed through digital inverter
• weighing tray with electronic load cell and pneumatic unloading system
• steel support frame
• loading hopper in paintedd steel
• unloding hopper in painted steel to ease the product floating, equipped with counter-flange eventually complete with bottom edge for the bag introduction