Healthcare and Life Science applications

Minirò H-lan Touch

ISO 11607.2 Validatable rotary medical sealer with sealing parameters control, setting touch screen and communication ports.

Validatable international standards ISO 11607-2, ISO TS 16775, EN 868-2, DIN 58953-7.

It represents the ultimate evolution of Gandus Saldatrici production in medical field.

Adjustable speed.

ETHERNET port for traceability. 

VCN connection.

15 mm seam seal.

Wider color touch screen. 

Data memory on board. 

A highly advanced software, developed on Windows® platform, allows communication with both CSSD and industrial applications. Data from the whole sealing process can be shared ensuring full validation to the ISO 11607 standard.

By using the included Ethernet connection, it is possible to program the machine remotely and diagnose any faults within the process.

Built-in printer with 2 lines of print.


PS 70 front support tray

RL 70 roller support tray

PR H50 roll holder complete with cutting device

PRN 2000 labels printer