Healthcare and Life Science applications


ISO 11607.2 Validatable pneumatic vacuum impulse sealer,

ISO 11607.2 Validatable to the EN ISO 11607.2 standards pneumatic vacuum impulse sealer,

Available in three sealing lengths (550, 750, 1020 mm).

Sealing height 8mm.

Sealing parameters control.

With support the machine can be put from horizontal to vertical sealing position.

Especially designed for medical, pharmaceutical, laboratories and chemical industry.

Venturi vacuum system.


SIS stand adjustable in height, to allows vertical sealing

SIPI inclined working table (only with SIS)

SIPO horizontal working table (only with SIS)

SIRS bag stretcher (only on 1020 version)

RL 200 independent gravity roller, dimensions: mm 2000 x 500 (only with SIS)