ISO 11607.2 Fully Valıdatable Sealers

Minirò H-net Evo

ISO 11607.2 Validatable medical sealer. Reliable performance for intensive medical device packaging

ISO 11607.2 Validatable medical sealer. 

Reliable performance for intensive medical device packaging.

A revolution for all CSSD and industrial companies looking for a basic medical sealer that fully complies with ISO standards. 
New minirò H-net Evo offers today two important upgrades:

It allows, thanks to a simple pen drive, to work in fully respect of traceability requirements, exporting traceability data on a pen drive, to be then stored in digital or paper format.
in a quick, simple, safe way, avoiding the cost linked to expensive dedicated hardwares

USB port also allows a simple, fast and safe software updating of your sealer.

Simple and extremely safe data upload software able to read the customized packaging data and automatically set the suitable machine function and parameters.
The system is extremely simple to install on any PC.

Technical features

Fully complying with ISO 11607-2 standard and international guidelines EN-ISO TS 16775.

Saldatura a norme DIN 58953.7:2010.

AISI 304 stainless steel cover.

Multiline rotary sealing (flat as option), sealing width 15 mm.

Suitable for the sealing of all known, sealable, pre-made sterile barrier systems, uncoated Tyvek®, as well as the newest generation of packaging materials.

Display 4 lines 20 cht and membrane keyboard.

Sealing speed 10 mt/min.

Max sealing temperature 200°C.

Temperature tolerance ± 1%.

All print data can be encoded on board and immediately recalled from memory.

1 line integrated printer.

PC connection.

Remote control via VNC/Ethernet.

Labels printer.

Barcode scanner.

RS 232 port.

USB port.


PS 654 front support tray

RL 80 roller support tray

PR H50 roll holder complete with cutting device

PR H40 roll holder complete with cutting device

PRN 2000 labels printer

SecurScan data upload software

Count on Unyelding Reliability for High Volume Sealing.