ISO 11607.2 Fully Valıdatable Sealers


ISO 11607,2 Validatable medical rotary sealer, space saving, operated by Touch screen

ISO 11607,2 Validatable medical rotary sealer, space saving, operated by Touch screen

Validatable international standards ISO 11607-2, ISO TS 16775, EN 868-2, DIN 58953-7.

Packaging Process Validation
Accurate temperature control thanks to new generation control hardware and software. Fully complying with ISO 11607-2 standard and international guidelines EN-ISO TS 16775.

Utmost Safety
The reliable and well known Gandus 15 mm wide multiline seal guarantees a perfect seal strength with an easy and safe peelability. 

Operator friendly
Built-in in feed guide.
Sliding top and front cover.

Efficiency in Communication
USB and RS 232 interfaces beyond an additional Ethernet interface, allow communication with several external devices. 

Full Traceability
Pura allows fully traceability of all processing data with automatic recording on a standard USB stick.

Optimization through SecureScan Data Upload Software
Operating with a barcode scanner, Securscan Data Upload Software allows to upload all data on the sealer to optimize the device configuratios.

No limits Packaging
Pura is suitable for the sealing of all known, sealable, pre-made sterile barrier systems, uncoated Tyvek®, as well as the newest generation of packaging material.

Human Interface
4,3” Wide Color touch screen and easy to use software are the perfect Human Interface.

Room Saving
Compact sizes, just 0,15 square meter are required to place a Pura on a packaging table.

Utmost Cleaning and Disinfection
Stainless steel, anodized aluminium, together with an unbelievable ergonomic design, just one outside bearing screw, allow an easy and effective cleaning and disinfection.  

Smart Print Facility and easy service
New generation 9 dot matrix printer enables to print on packaging of all the required data, texts and barcodes.
Easy service – friendly ink cartridge replacement through dedicated front gate
Automatic sizing of the font to match the pouch width, with alarm in case of too narrow pouch for the required print.

Energy saving
Designed and manufactured to enable process optimization, fully respecting energy saving efficiencies.

Stainless steel and anodized aluminium.
Stainless steel.

Great Upgrades

A new firmware to further implement Pura’s performances:

Upgrade to copy operator’s libraries, batch and catalogue stored on a USB key

Upgrade to run a quick reasearch of a catalogue string by simply typing first characters of the string

Already working Pura sealers can profit form these important upgrades. Simply use a USB key and enhance its performances.


Product Design and engineering developed with the scientific support of Politecnico di Milano, Design Department.