ISO 11607.2 Fully Valıdatable Sealers


For Life Science and high demanding applications. Pneumatic impulse Vacuum sealers.

UNICA is the brand new pneumatic impulse sealer by Gandus Saldatrici, designed for Life Science and high demanding applications.

Unica can be managed via Touch screen or remotely via PC, tablet, mobile phone.

Stainless steel construction.

Double sealing bar.

Validatable version according to ISO 11607 rules.

Venturi air suction system with 1 nozzle settable position from 0-150 mm long.

This innovativa system allows an utmost accurate suction on any size bags with whatever filling level.

Designed and manufactured for all heat-sealable materials, which generally find application in medical, pharma, LifeScience fields.

Traceability from external netword.

Managed via touch screen 7″ and remotely via app with no cable connections

Footswitch functioning included.


Unica V – ISO 11607.2 Validatable pneumatic impulse sealers

Unica VV –  ISO 11607.2 Validatable pneumatic impulse sealers with vacuum/gas flushing option

Table top version

Version complete with support

Version designed to be integrated into complete packaging lines


Differet settings to match all most specific packaging requirements

Adjustable working height
Adjustable working inclination
Adjustable table position