MH 460 - 610

Impulse sealers for the sealing of pouches and reels conforming to DIN 58953-7:2008 standard. Also fully validatable version with complete control of sealing parameters.

User friendly, utmost operator safety, dependable high quality seals, electronic control of both sealing and cooling times, independently adjustable.

Available also in Validatable version, where the three sealing parameters, Temperature -Force – Time, are accurately controlled up to 60 times a second during the seal cycle, to guarantee the repeatability of the seal quality.

If there is any deviation from the set parameters the machine automatically stops working and sounds an audible alarm.

Thanks to the Remote Management Software it can be interfaced with a Personal Computer to remotely set the sealer and record the functioning data to guarantee the traceability of the sealing parameters. The records can be stored on PC and managed in Excel format. The software also allows for creating charts, which can be stored or printed to be kept as documents of process validation.


Front support tray

Roll holder complete with cutting device