The forming machines are suitable to erect carton trays or boxes, starting from flat blank, with bottom closure obtained by means of standard mechanical locks, turn over end walls, hot melt or hot air.
A wide range is available and proposed according to customer requests: mechanical or pneumatic, with direct or indirect cartons feeding.
The forming machine can be used as independent unit or as part of a complete line integrated with conveyors, manipulator and closing machine, for the packaging of food or no-food products.
Easy maintenance, centralized greasing, easy and quick change over, are some of the main features offered by our machines manufactured according to the current CE standards.
Feel free to contact our staff for further information and customized versions.


  • Solid and compact structure
  • Powered by independent servomotors
  • Possibility of different collecting and synchronization units
  • Easy, quick and reliable changeover
  • Automatic changeover optional
  • Ease of use and ease of maintenance
  • High flexibility