FA - 60 - BA




This is an automatic system for the stuffing of anatomic meat’s pieces such as bresaola, coppa, pancetta and other products that need to be stuff into casings or nets.

The peculiarity of this stuffing line is characterized by his versatilityof use and by his unique indipendent management.

The complete line is composed by:

  • Service tank (tipper) for the product’s placement on system’s incoming conveyor belt
  • Conveyor belts, for product’s loading and unloading, custom-made according to costumer’s needs
  • Modular sausage filling press with included mold for the product to stuff
  • Automatic clipping machine
  • Automatic casings fitter


The flexibility of this system is caused by the possibility to make it in modular way, building different version, without lose the feature’s characteristic and the productive performance

The system’s dynamics is composed by two manufacturing phases:

  1. Product’s input – Product’s pressing – Product’s stuffing
  2. Stuffed product’s clipping