The universal equipment of Liftronic EASY allows the application in simple and fast way to tools of taken such as hooks, straps, pantographs, mandrels, etc.

Respect to a tackle or a pneumatic manupulator, Liftronic EASY allows operators to manipolate loads with greater speed, precision in load positioning, great handiness, auto-weight sense and automatic load balancing, with consequent increment of the productivity, of ergonomics for the operator and safety for delicate loads.

Hight precision in load positioning because Liftronic EASY doesn’t overtravel, nor bounce and doesn’t require lots of little corrective movements to reach the required position as it occur with pneumatic controller manipulators.

More ergonomic and effortless handling. Thanks to the control with microprocessor, with a simple touch of the operator, the energy is supplied in order to reduce inertia during acceleration and braking, and also in the moment of first separation of the load from its support.

Quick movements. The elevator respond swiftly, yet smoothly to human touch, amplifying operator movements, which is impossible with pneumatic control manipulator. Thanks to The Intelligent Devices for Handling, the operator notices no time lapse between the machine sensing and its response.