The tying machine Siebeck FRT-MF-400-G replaces the well known „Mosca“ machine and presents different working options, so that it can tie any type of food product.


  • This machine is totally made of stainless steel
  • His freestanding structure allows to eliminate dangerous vibrations of the machine during the production cycles, ensuring more stability
  • Knotting system, that represent the heart of the machine, is easy to dismantle and to maintain
  • Totally electronic, activated by two Brushless motors, both supplied with separated frequency inverter
  • Cross tying system: with only a loop it is able to make a cross, perfect for small sausages and roast
  • Spiral tying system: it makes a spiral on the sausages, medium meats with final knot
  • There is the possibility to work with different speed productions, maintaining the production cycles perfectly regular
  • More precision and reliability during knotting cycle
  • The knotting group can be replaced within 24 hours by pony express


  • Simple tying: 60 cycles/minute 
  • Double tying: 42 cycles/minute
  • Triple tying: 35 cycles/minute
  • Power supply: 220V, 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 800 X 565 X 1495
  • Weight: kg.165