Vertical packaging machine type Form Fill Seal to produce Stabilo packages with 4 vertical seals, starting from heat-sealing film reel.

Gandus Forma is a VFFS packaging machine for Stabilo bags, with 4 seals.

Stabilo bags guarantee excellent stability and optimal use of space for the insertion of graphics and texts.

Gandus Forma also allows you to create cushion and square bottom bags, with three hermetic seals, starting from a coil of heat-sealing film.

Technical features
– Painted steel frame
– Product floating areas in stainless steel AISI 304
– Mechanical components with anticorrosion treatment
– Anti-vibration adjustable feet

– Complete management by Siemens PLC
– Speed control from touch screen
– User friendly and easy format change
– Programming through recipes for an efficient parameters storage
– Film feed servomotor with drive and self-centering belts
– Encoder for bag length setting
– Control panel on mobile wall unit
– Motorized pneumatical expanding reel unwinder shaft, complete with metric row for reel position reference
– Horizontal sealing bars pneumatico handling
  Pneumatic handling with direct cylinders significantly reduces overall dimensions, costs and maintenance time.
– Vertical bar position adjustment
  The adjustable position of the sealing bars allows to create different bag sizes without having to change the whole vertical sealing group combined with each forming tube.

Gandus Forma packaging machine can interface with automatic feeding and dosing systems managed by the same touch screen.

Room saving
Built in dosing system support, to reduce the overall dimensions.

Gandus Forma is designed with predisposition support castle printer with touch display.

On request stainless steel version.

Numerous accessories available.

Biscuits, coffee, snacks, pasta, rice, flours, bakery, candies, chocolate, confectionary, pet food

Kind of bag
Stabilo packages (4 vertical seals), cushions and squared bottom bags