XS Tube 500

FFS machine from layflat tubing designed and manufactured for all types of neutral or printed polyethylene films mm 100 – 500. Designed to automatically form the bag with opening upwards.

Gandus XS Tube is a FFS machine from layflat tubing, designed and manufactured for all types of neutral or printed polyethylene films, also with antistatic treatment.

Developed for all applications that require both maximum speed and simplicity in the format changeover.

Use of reels of different widths, without parts disassembly or settings modification.

The packaging machine automatically forms the bag with opening upwards.

Bag filling and sealing are carried out in manual by starting the machine cycle by button, or automatically by loaders, manipulators, weighing machines.

Rapid reel change, max 30 seconds.

Activation bag closure in manual mode from start punch button with a magnetic base to allow its placing in the most correct position.

Activation bag closure programmable by photocell, which allows the closure of the bag only when the number of set packages has been reached.

Digital touch screen control display to easily program all production settings and parameters. 

Choice of language and ease of use to make the selection of values to be set quick and precise.

Possibility to save different work configurations for immediate access to every single job.

Inclined version to make it possibile an even   easier product infeed and to allow the operator to maintain a correct position during all loading  operations.

Possibility of synchronization with other devices.

Here are some of the applications for which the XS Tube packaging machine has proved to be the best solution: 

small metal articles, shoe insoles, metal ingots, blowguns, dried flowers, wax, soap, small parts kit, fittings, filters, ethylesters, spiral tubes, locks, cutlery, screws and bolts, brake pumps, coils, spray pumps, multipack, host, plastic spouts, 

Type of packaging produced

Bags with one or two seals

Bags with multiple seals

Packages with European hole

Advantages and Benefits

It is possible to quickly, easily and economically pack different types and shapes of products, which require bags of different sizes.

By using tubular film, you reduce the cost of buying and storing bags in many different sizes.

Easy insertion of products.

Possibility to pack even extremely small products.

By eliminating the „fall“, fragile and scratch-resistant products can be safely packaged.